Monday, July 16, 2012

"A writer must have a blog!"  I've heard this many times over the last few years, from many different people.  I tried my best to ignore the advice.  I've seen too many blogs where the author has abandoned the effort, posts infrequently or just rambles about day-to-day personal things that do not interest me.  How could I find time or inspiration to post meaningful content with any regularity? 

Besides, am I a writer?  Do I have any right to pretend that I can hold such an auspicious title?  In the end, others will have to answer that question.

I can call myself other things.  I was a soldier for many years, and still consider myself a "grunt" in my heart.

I am a historian, but my BA in history does not give me the right to claim the title.  Years of research and writing articles for various magazines and publications, and several years as an Army historian grants that nomenclature.  Notice I mentioned writing.  To be a historian, one must be able to take the data that one has mined from the archives and impart it effectively to others.  It doesn't count if you keep it to yourself.  The historian's vehicle for interpreting his research is by writing.  But I don't think a historian is necessarily a "writer."
Toton Island Archaeological Survey, 2000

I am an archaeologist.  Again my MA in archaeology gives scant credence to the title.  But, my time in field (albeit limited) gives me leave to call myself an archaeologist.  I don't think I embraced the title myself until I brushed the sand from the empty eye sockets of a Japanese skull in the first burial I helped to recover.  The writing I may do that is associated with archaeology, does not make me a writer. It makes me a better archaeologist.

Now I've embarked on a new course where someday I may feel comfortable calling myself a "writer."  I've started writing historical fiction.  That is the only genre of fiction in which I will ever have an interest.   Vampires, wizards, dragons or zombies will never live on any of my pages.  The best stories are based on reality - ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.   History will never run out of stories to fire my imagination.

I finished my first novel, The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou in 2010.  Events have occurred that give me hope that it may be in print soon.    You can read more about The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou here:

I'm nearing completion of The Archer's Son.  This is the story of a young boy who accompanies a company of archers on Henry Vs famous march into France during the Hundred Years War.  It culminates is the bloody battle of Agincourt.

Some writers I know say that they must write.  It is in their blood and they cannot help but write.  I've never thought that.  In fact I did not think I could ever produce enough to fill a blog such as this.  Angela Broyles of Blue Water Publications finally convinced me that I could do so.  I realized after we talked, that I write all the time.  I share history, travel, artifact, historic site and archaeological information almost daily.  I do it through private email, work emails, Facebook and other social media.  Why couldn't I focus that writing energy on a blog instead? 

So this is the first installment.  Lets see if I can do it and where it will take us.  This blog will have spots on many past eras (hence the name,) and may include stories, places, historical sites, artifacts from many places and times.  I will also share tidbits of information that I uncover when researching and writing (there's that word again) my books and articles.  I hope you enjoy it and visit often. 

M.E. Hubbs
July 14, 2012
Huntsville Alabama


  1. Nice job, for someone who doesn't claim the accolade "writer."

    I'll be back. . .

    E. Dickinson

  2. A great start! I too will return here often.

  3. Its only starting, Mr. Hubbs. Find yourself time and lend us your thoughts, and you my hope is, is that you find enough courage to call yourself a writer. Maybe when your latest story or book are finished, maybe you can think about it some more then.

    I think I'm going to enjoying going thru your articles.